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Schneiderei’s vision is to provide you with an ever-changing fine dining menu with the freshest
seasonal produce. We source our products from local producers and we ensure every single
ingredient is organic, high quality and delicious.The restaurant’s concept was created by Tracy
Radzan and Liron Shnaider, who serves as the restaurant’s head chef, who wanted a space in the
heart of Berlin which could bring together food, music, art and design. Liron’s intense passion for
cooking with a dash of artistry drives his beautiful creations which are at the core of Schneiderei’s

In German, the word “Schneiderei” means tailor. In addition to this being a play on Liron’s name,
Tracy and Liron wanted to tailor the menu for Berlin’s clientele and seasons.

We offer a full dinner experience, both a la carte and a tasting menu, paired with boutique wines and
tantalising cocktails. In addition to our creative Mediterranean inspired food and drink menu, we
pride ourselves on an intimate and cosy atmosphere which also generates an exciting vibe and



Our restaurant is accessible for diners with disabilities. We provide a doorway ramp for entry access and space for mobility. Unfortunately our restrooms are not yet accessible, however we will do everything we can to accommodate any needs you may have.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-05-03 at 12.24.33 PM.jpeg

Doorway width: 92cm, height: 200cm

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