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Tracy and Liron started doing pop up events together in Berlin in 2018, including a stall that offered gourmet street food based on Mediterranean influences. The stall was one of the most talked-about food pop ups in Berlin, securing coverage in Tagesspiel as 'Star of the Month'. Schneiderei held monthly public events as well as private events in many of the top restaurants and bars in town.

Liron and Tracy opened Schneiderei, the restaurant, in November in 2019. After facing many challenges of running a new restaurant during Covid-19, they managed to continue delivering their meals around the city. Since the city reopened, Schneiderei has established itself firmly on Berlin’s dinner scene. It is now one of the most exciting places to visit for a full tasting experience.

In addition to his role at Schneiderei, Liron has also started ESSER - Modern Israeli Cuisine, a new restaurant in Berlin’s prestigious department store KaDeWe, which opened in May 2022.

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